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Using water to power itself

What could be simpler than generating electricity for municipal water monitoring systems from the flow of the water itself? That's the breakthrough idea of Israel's HydroSpin. HydroSpin device HydroSpin in action. Hydroelectricity is among the cleanest of today's clean energies. As water flows through a hydraulic turbine connected to a generator -- often at a dam -- its … [Read more...]

Non-invasive tool identifies Alzheimer’s, depression and ADHD

Revolutionary Israeli system takes the guesswork out of diagnosing and treating ADHD, depression, Alzheimer's and other brain-related diseases. ElMindA aims to revolutionize treatment of a number of brain disorders by opening a new window in to the way the brain works. One out of every three people suffer from a brain-related disorder such as Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, … [Read more...]