Cancer Patients and The Covid-19 Vaccine

Vaccine protection against COVID-19 wanes more quickly among cancer patients, but boosters rapidly bolster their antibody levels, Israeli research has found. The study supports the case for giving cancer patients third vaccine doses in countries where they have only received two, according to author Dr. Hagai Ligumsky. And it encourages the rollout of fourth shots for this … [Read more...]

Top 9 Reasons 2022 Will Be a Great Year

Doom and gloom may seem the order of the day as we close up 2021, but this year bought plenty of things to celebrate and be proud of. Join us in a feel-good look at the last 12 months. Another difficult year of Covid is coming to a close, leaving us all exhausted by the twists and turns of this seemingly endless pandemic. Each time we think it’s coming to an end, nature throws … [Read more...]

Helping Israeli Doctors Choose The Perfect Cancer Treatment

Israeli scientists say they have found a way to match cancer patients with the right immunotherapy more effectively. A new data platform will allow doctors worldwide to input data from biopsies, and receive information on the best-matching immunotherapy for particular patients. Scientists led by Prof. Yardena Samuels of the Weizmann Institute of Science conducted in-depth … [Read more...]

Patient Monitoring Technology Expands

Clair Labs, a startup that is developing contact-free patient monitoring technology, said it has raised $9 million in seed funding to further develop its sensors and enlarge the scope of its clinical trials. The round is led by 10D, with participation of US-based SleepScore Ventures, which specializes in innovative sleep solutions, Israeli fund Maniv Mobility and … [Read more...]

Israeli Doctors Identify Post-Vaccine Problem For Corneas

The coronavirus vaccine is causing some patients who have received cornea transplants to reject the donated tissue, Israeli doctors have found. They have brought the problem, easily fixed but harmful if untreated, to the attention of the international medical community with an article in a prestigious peer-reviewed journal on the first two cases. Prof. David Zadok, … [Read more...]