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Isreal Bonds Launches New Edition

From its inception, Israel Bonds has enabled extraordinary advances throughout Israel. The vision of Bonds founder David Ben-Gurion, who conceived of an organization that would facilitate development “on the slopes of Jerusalem, in the Galilee, on the shores of the Mediterranean (and) in the vast spaces of the Negev,” continues to be fulfilled every day. Following are … [Read more...]

Developing Safer Chemo Treatments

Waning white blood-cell counts in chemotherapy patients are commonly taken as a warning of an increased risk of infection. Now, a new Israeli study suggests that it is critical to evaluate not only the quantity of these “neutrophil” blood cells essential to immunity against infection, but also their quality, which varies from one patient to another. Spread the Word • Email … [Read more...]

Israeli Device Uses EM Energy To Heal

The same Israeli inventor who brought the world pre-paid phone cards and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) also had an idea for a portable medical device that could confer the healing properties of low electromagnetic frequencies. Nearly a decade after its conception, MDwave is now inching closer to the marketplace. Based on technology developed by Israel Defense Prize … [Read more...]

Israeli Scientists Battle Breast Cancer

One out of every eight women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime. It is the most commonly diagnosed non-skin cancer in women worldwide, and also strikes thousands of men. Though the three areas with the highest breast cancer rates are Western Europe, Australia/New Zealand and Northern Europe, Israel has taken a leading role in researching causes and treatments. The … [Read more...]