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Tiny Barcodes Help In Cancer Therapy

Tiny “barcodes” made of synthetic DNA can help determine the suitability of specific anticancer drugs to a specific patient before treatment even begins, according to an Israeli study recently published  in Nature Communications. The new diagnostic technology was developed by Technion-Israel Institute of Technology researchers led by Assistant Prof. Avi Schroeder of the … [Read more...]

New Cancer Research Center Opens In Israel

Researchers from around the world gathered recently in Israel for the inauguration of the Technion Integrated Cancer Center (TICC), a first-of-its kind hub for global cancer research, aimed at developing new treatments and inventing cutting-edge early stage diagnostic technologies. “Conquering cancer is one of the global community’s most pressing challenges, and it requires … [Read more...]

Are Gut Microbes To Blame For Yo-Yo Obesity?

The phenomenon of weight cycling is the repeated loss and regain of body weight. Illustration via Weizmann Institute of Science Dieters know all too well that losing weight doesn’t mean it’s gone for good. And research has shown that the phenomenon of weight cycling – the repeated loss and regain of body weight – can be bad for our health, upping the risk of developing … [Read more...]

Alternative Therapy Helps Anxiety and Surgery Results

A combination of complementary medicine and standard care is proven to reduce patient anxiety levels and thereby improve surgical outcomes. Researchers from Haifa, Israel, have proven that a combination of complementary medicine and standard care for preoperative anxiety is more effective in reducing symptoms caused by patient anxiety and consequently improves postsurgical … [Read more...]

The Gadgets That Enable Blind People to See

In Prof. Amir Amedi’s world-renowned Lab for Brain and Multisensory Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, people with vision impairment can “see” their environment with the aid of sensory substitution devices (SSDs) that provide visual information from sound and touch. Now, two of the lab’s groundbreaking inventions are being readied for the mass market in … [Read more...]