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Scientists In Israel Induce Cancer Cells To Destroy Themselves

In a first, Israeli researchers managed to encode a toxin produced by bacteria into mRNA molecules and to deliver it directly to cancer cells, causing them to produce the toxin that went on to kill them. The study, led by PhD student Yasmin Granot-Matok and Prof. Dan Peer from Tel Aviv University and recently published in Theranostics, showed that a single … [Read more...]

Company Seeks To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation

Concerned about the amount of radiation coming from your cellular phone into your body? You’re not alone. A multiethnic team of scientists led by Israel-born Florida businessman Haim Einhorn devised the $30 Bodywell Chip using a patented process that reduces the absorption rate of electromagnetic radio frequency (RF) energy by more than 80 percent. The chips are made by … [Read more...]