Israeli Researchers Determine Cause of Problem in Cuba

Between 2016 and 2018, about 40 Canadian and US diplomats and their families stationed in the Cuban capital mysteriously became sick. The so-called “Havana Syndrome” caused headaches, dizziness, loss of balance, nausea and difficulty concentrating and falling asleep. The initial fear was that the Cubans were triggering the symptoms with some kind of sonic weapon. Research … [Read more...]

Israeli Medical NGO Treats Its 5,000th Child

One-year-old Fatma is crying in her hospital bed, and for good reason – she’s hungry. She hasn’t eaten since the evening before, in preparation for the open-heart surgery she’s going to be wheeled into any minute. Her mother, Balkis, is trying to soothe her. Nineteen years ago, she herself was in a similar position, waiting at the very same hospital — Wolfson Medical Center … [Read more...]

Patients Of The Future Will Be Treated By Virtual Doctors

Home checkup kits will arrive at home by drone, carrying devices to draw and analyze blood. Sensors placed around the house will monitor gait and transmit information on the status of back trouble. Smartphones will be able to check eyesight, breath or voice to scan for specific ills. Should anything be amiss, the virtual doctor would schedule an appointment with the relevant … [Read more...]

Cutting Edge New Devices Sure To Change Everything

Medical devices that could disrupt the healthcare field will be among the cutting-edge technologies to be revealed at the 18th annual MIXiii-Biomed Conference and Exhibition, May 14-16 in Tel Aviv. More than 1,000 scientists, key opinion leaders, entrepreneurs and investors from 45 countries are expected to join 5,000 Israeli counterparts at the event. Sessions will … [Read more...]

Israeli Biotech Startup Combines Immunology, AI To Help Develop Better Drugs

The world of pharmaceutical drug development and discovery is notoriously complex, expensive, and slow-moving. It can take billions of dollars and between a decade or two from the research and development stage to market approval. And rightly so. After all, human lives are at stake. But imagine if you could feed data about a new pharmaceutical drug into a machine learning … [Read more...]