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Malaria Experts Look to Israel’s Past For Future Success in Africa

The mosquito-borne parasites that cause malaria were wiped out in Israel several years before the state’s founding in 1948. So why did leading malaria experts choose Jerusalem as the place to meet last week to formulate a new strategy for African nations? Because the tactics that proved successful here in the 1920 and 1930s, coupled with new technologies, could be exactly … [Read more...]

Have You Had Your Hug Today?

Most of us have moments when we could really use a hug – when we’re sad, lonely, scared or stressed. The therapeutic value of a good squeeze for emotional well being is well documented. For people affected by autism, post-traumatic stress and anxiety or attention disorders, research has shown that hugging is an especially effective soother. Spread the Word • Email this … [Read more...]

3D Printing Labs Spark New Innovations

Israel will segue from “startup nation” to “self-manufacturing nation” if leaders of the non-profit Reut Institute realize their ambitious dream. “Our vision is for Israel to lead the coming revolution of self-manufacturing,” says Roy Keidar, CEO of the Reut Institute, a Tel Aviv-based policy group established in 2004 “to make an indelibly Israeli and Jewish contribution to … [Read more...]

Diabetic Help Is On The Way

Alpha-1, a natural blood protein that fights inflammation, protects transplanted animal pancreatic islets – where insulin is produced – from rejection by the human body when used in combination with another anti-rejection therapy, according to an Israeli study financed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This discovery, reported in the journal PLoS ONE in May, … [Read more...]

Israeli researchers identify protein that the influenza virus uses to overcome the body’s immune system

Our immune systems are equipped with “natural killer” (NK) cells that recognize and eliminate influenza-virus-infected cells in order to keep the virus from spreading. If NK cells always worked perfectly, nobody would get sick with the flu. Obviously, something can go wrong because many people do get flu. Israeli doctoral student Yotam Bar-On tackled this mystery, and his … [Read more...]