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Video Games Aid Stroke Rehab

New research from a Tel Aviv University study shows that people recovering from a stroke are more physically active during rehabilitation sessions when they play video games than those who rely on traditional motor therapy. Occupational therapist Dr. Debbie Rand of Tel Aviv University’s Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, says her … [Read more...]

Life Sciences in Israel – Bridging Scientific Breakthroughs and Successful Businesss

Israel's thriving life sciences industry is world-renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, ingenuity and creativity.  It is home to about 1,000 life science companies, with 40 new companies being formed each year. Multinational companies including J&J, Perrigo, GE Healthcare and Phillips Medical, together with local companies such as Teva, Given Imaging, Insightec, … [Read more...]

New Tel Aviv Study Brings Hope To Alzheimer’s Patients

Simple, everyday activities like crossword puzzles or reading books may stave off the mind-robbing Alzheimer’s disease. Those studying and working with Alzheimer’s patients generally accept this as fact. When the mind processes challenging puzzles or new information, it makes links in the brain, possibly exercising brain synapses, the neural networks that power our … [Read more...]

Is Your Doctor Getting One Too?

A large Israeli study proves that doctors need to practice what they preach. Physicians who take the time to get a flu shot or a mammogram are more likely to convey an attitude that influences their patients to do the same. “It was the first time we showed this using real data,” says lead researcher Dr. Shlomo Vinker, chairman of the Israeli Association of Family Physicians. … [Read more...]

This “Watch” Can Stop Unnecessary Heart Attack Deaths

About half of all people at risk of death from heart attacks could gain the chance to live, once Israeli entrepreneur Leon Eisen’s new Oxitone device goes to market in about 18 months. Using two optical sensors, and another special high-tech tool, he’s developed the world’s first “watch” that can just about tell when your time may be up. It’s no joke: Oxitone was … [Read more...]