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Diabetic Help Is On The Way

Alpha-1, a natural blood protein that fights inflammation, protects transplanted animal pancreatic islets – where insulin is produced – from rejection by the human body when used in combination with another anti-rejection therapy, according to an Israeli study financed by the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. This discovery, reported in the journal PLoS ONE in May, … [Read more...]

Israeli researchers identify protein that the influenza virus uses to overcome the body’s immune system

Our immune systems are equipped with “natural killer” (NK) cells that recognize and eliminate influenza-virus-infected cells in order to keep the virus from spreading. If NK cells always worked perfectly, nobody would get sick with the flu. Obviously, something can go wrong because many people do get flu. Israeli doctoral student Yotam Bar-On tackled this mystery, and his … [Read more...]

Video Games Aid Stroke Rehab

New research from a Tel Aviv University study shows that people recovering from a stroke are more physically active during rehabilitation sessions when they play video games than those who rely on traditional motor therapy. Occupational therapist Dr. Debbie Rand of Tel Aviv University’s Stanley Steyer School of Health Professions at the Sackler Faculty of Medicine, says her … [Read more...]

Life Sciences in Israel – Bridging Scientific Breakthroughs and Successful Businesss

Israel's thriving life sciences industry is world-renowned for its groundbreaking innovations, ingenuity and creativity.  It is home to about 1,000 life science companies, with 40 new companies being formed each year. Multinational companies including J&J, Perrigo, GE Healthcare and Phillips Medical, together with local companies such as Teva, Given Imaging, Insightec, … [Read more...]