Archives for July 2016

Nanotech Breakthrough Prints Human Tissue From Stem Cells

It’s the stuff of science fiction: technology that can print a human organ. But the first step towards turning big-screen fantasy into everyday reality has been taken by Israel’s Nano Dimension,  which makes 3D printers. Through a collaboration with another Israeli company, biotechnology firm Accellta of Haifa, Nano Dimension has been able to mix human stem cells into … [Read more...]

Noninvasive Brain Stimulation Sparks Interest

Israelis reveal a mechanism for accurate and individualized control of brain activity using ultrasonic waves Accurate and noninvasive artificial brain stimulation is one of the holy grails for neuroscientists looking to advance brain research and treatment. Ultrasonic neuromodulation – exciting the neurons using ultrasound waves – shows great promise as a way to complement … [Read more...]