Archives for February 2016

Pressure Sensing Socks Could Help Diabetics

Among the serious complications of diabetes for some 130 million individuals worldwide is diabetic neuropathy, a type of nerve damage associated with foot ulcers resulting from anatomical deformation, excessive pressure and poor blood supply. This condition is the leading cause of amputation. Though regular checkups are helpful in monitoring pressure and ulceration, the … [Read more...]

Artificial Light At Night Has Drawbacks

Turning off lights and drawing the shades when you go to sleep could help your body control weight gain, according to a study from Israel newly published in the International Journal of Obesity. The study also affirmed past research showing a link between artificial light at night (ALAN) – especially from white LED bulbs — and some types of cancer. “In recent years there … [Read more...]

Israel’s HomeBiogas installs unit at Ugandan orphanage

The system lets users cook dinner with the gas produced from lunch’s leftovers, and also provides high-quality fertilizer for the garden. A bio-digester from Israel’s HomeBiogas is now converting organic waste into clean renewable energy at the Buvundya Orphanage in Uganda, thanks to a donor who bought the system. “These children lit up when they discovered the HomeBiogas … [Read more...]