Archives for May 2016

ReWalk and Harvard Plan ‘Soft Suit’ For Stroke and MS Patients

ReWalk Robotics of Yokneam Ilit, Israel, is collaborating with Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering to license and develop lightweight exoskeleton technologies enabling people to walk following stroke, lower limb disabilities, multiple sclerosis and other mobility limitations. This “soft suit” robotic system will be the newest development … [Read more...]

Israeli Company Creates New Gauze That Saves Lives

WoundClot gauze, made from plant cells, absorbs 2,500% of its own weight in fluids and stops hemorrhaging within minutes. The cloud of war constantly hanging over Israel has one shiny silver lining:groundbreaking advances in woundcare developed for the battlefield and then shared with the rest of humanity. ISRAEL21c has featured Israeli first-aid innovations such as the … [Read more...]

Israelis Create App To Help Manage Stress

Serenita, a personalized mobile solution for Android and iOS from Eco-Fusion, measures your stress levels and helps you manage stress throughout the day with a tailored five-minute relaxation exercise. The award-winning app acquires data from your finger by turning the mobile phone’s camera into a biomedical sensor (PPG), and uses it to peer into your bloodstream to find … [Read more...]